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  Archive of Audi R8 Race Reports/News/Photos 2001  

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Champion Racing -  Le Mans
  Champion Audi at Le Mans Testing - Early Days  

The Champion Audi R8 team arrived in Le Mans on Wednesday the 2nd of May. We were one of the first two or three teams on site for this year's Preliminary Tests, and we set straight to work getting our assigned garage area set up and ready to work in. As you can see, the garages open on pit lane at the front, and the trucks back up to the rear of the garages.

Once the car was unloaded, Dave Schnorr got busy applying the trademark Champion livery to the newly-painted R8. First thing Friday morning the car was taken to Scrutineering, or technical inspection, where it was thoroughly checked out by the ACO. Friday afternoon we took the car to the local airfield for a rollout test of systems and to allow all three of our drivers to have a turn at the controls. All went well on the airfield, and preparations began for the Tests themselves.

  The pilots discuss the Audi R8...     Readying the car at the Airport  
    Rollout testing at Le Mans Airport Setting up our Le Mans garage... Champion Audi R8 in Le Mans garage  
  Early Arrivals at Le Mans... Mike,Wires,Brad,Kiwi,Keith,Bobby...   After tech, back to the garage  
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