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  Archive of Audi R8 Race Reports/News/Photos 2002  

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On the Road with ADT/Champion


The ADT/Champion Audi R8 team had a very busy summer, with a series of races spaced too closely for the team to return home to Florida between events. As a result, the team spent the better part of two months away from home, heading from one event to the next, and taking a little time in between to relax and have some fun.

The R8 crew spent the time between Elkhart Lake and Washington, D.C. at Crew Chief Brad Kettler's shop in College Corner, Indiana, where the S4 team also did their pre-Washington maintenance. Testing at VIR between D.C. and Trois-Rivieres gave the R8 team time to do their rebuild, and provided the S4 team with an early look at the season-finale venue.

Below are some of the photos we didn't have time to share previously...in this case, taken by various members of the team. Enjoy...

Emanuelle Pirro, IMSA Champ, parties at Mid-Ohio


Aquatic adventures at Elkhart Lake. Louis, Robinson, Phil and Beal.
More Aquatic Adventures at Elkhart Lake. Stefan, Ricky and Jerome.
Pushing 505 into Brad Kettler's shop, for pre-Washington, D.C. rebuild after the Mid-Ohio/Road America events.
Home on the road for the R8 and S4 teams between Road America and Washington, D.C. events
Jacky, Tim V., Marcus and Kevin negotiate the D.C. Metro...
Comin' and Goin' at VIR
After the D.C. race, the R8 and S4 teams did their pre-Trois-Rivieres rebuilds at VIR, and got in some testing for the S4 team.
Wide open spaces galore at VIR
The ADT/Champion R8 rig at the entrance to historic Quebec City
ALMS media event in Quebec City drew a large and interested audience...
Shutters click and tape rolls as the R8 guys demonstrate a pit stop in Quebec's city center
Local Quebec media get a chance to try their hand at a tire change
Friends of yours, Kiwi??
Eldo Beal...Self Portrait
Johnny Herbert in a pensive moment during a break in practice at Mosport
Johnny and Stefan chat with Audi's Rod Bymaster, as Brad Kettler and Perry Hyder look on
Eldo catches the Hawaiian Tropic girls lounging before the start at Mosport
Johnny Herbert thrashes a vintage 2-stroke, 3-cylinder DKW at Goodwood

Photo Courtesy Audi U.K.

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