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  Archive of Audi R8 Race Reports/News/Photos 2003  

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Champion Racing  - 2003 Le Mans Arrival and Setup


8 June - Early Days at Le Mans - Arrival and Setup

A view along the Dunlop Curve toward the world famous Dunlop Bridge
The traditional garden of yellow and blue flowers is put in place at the end of pit lane, between the front straight and pit out
These are the driver's "motels" stacked directly behind the pits. One for each of the three drivers, and another for the team Doctor and masseuse to work in.
Home away from home for the drivers during the 24 Hours, this is the inside of one of the "motels". They're small but comfortable, and complete with a fully-equipped bathroom/shower and clothes closet
The race trucks arrived on Friday from Ingolstadt, Germany, and first order of business was getting them washed
Looking down from the back of the pit grandstand, directly above the back entrance to the Champion garage. The race car transporter is backed up to the garage and the support truck is placed parallel to the "motels" along the back wall of the paddock
Behind the support truck the body shop guys have all their equipment set up and get straight to work finishing bodywork preparation for the race
Looking out the front of the garage into pit lane.
The front of the garage seen from pit lane. The mechanics have already completely prepared the car at Ingolstadt, but here are doing last minute preps before official scrutineering in the town center Monday afternoon
The inside of Champion's hospitality area
The entire race crew waits (impatiently) out of sight to the left, while the photographer shoots the mid-day meal, all beautifully laid out by the catering crew
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