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  Archive of Audi R8 Race Reports/News/Photos 2003  

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Champion Racing  - 2003 Le Mans Race Results

14 June (Le Mans, France - Race) -- The ADT/Champion Audi R8 was running a strong third place as of dawn on Sunday at Le Mans. Below is race facts and photos from the first eight hours of the race...

#6 Audi R8 - Race Facts # 1  1600-2000



1600                 Lehto starts sixth on 49-car grid in hot (82ºF), humid (74%) and dry weather conditions


Lap 1                7, 8, 15, 5, 10, 6


1630                 7, 8, 5, 10, 6 (after L9)


1647                 Lehto leads (lap 14)


1651                 Lehto at pit, fuel only


1700                  4th


1748                 Lehto at pit, fuel only


1800                  3rd


1807                 Punctured right rear tire.  Lehto at pit, fuel and tire change, driver change to Johansson


Lehto said:  “I was driving relatively conservatively.  It was difficult to match the Bentley lap times.”


1900                 4th 


1905                 Johansson at pit, fuel only


1940                 Johansson at pit during safety car period, fuel only


2000                 4th


#6 Audi R8 - Race Facts # 1  2000-0000


2042                 Johansson at pit, fuel and tire change, driver change to Pirro

                        Johansson:  “I lost time after the re-start (after safety car period) as there was so much traffic.  Then a car went off at the chicane and sprayed gravel onto the track – it took me over five laps to get the tires clean again.”


2100                  4th


2137                 Pirro at pit, fuel only


2200                  3rd


2234                 Pirro at pit, fuel only


2300                  3rd


2333                 Pirro at pit, fuel and tire change, driver change to Lehto

                        Pirro:  “My first two stints were okay but the third was a bit of a struggle - the tires were getting old and were getting too cold when I was in traffic.”     


0000                  3rd



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