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  Archive of Audi R8 Race Reports/News/Photos 2003  

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Champion Racing  - 2003 Le Mans Qualifying


10 June - Photos from Driver Training

ADT/Champion Audi Le Mans pilots Emanuele Pirro, JJ Lehto and Stefan Johansson discuss cockpit issues during driver training
Technical Director Brad Kettler walks all three drivers through the process of changing gears manually by means of a special lever. This capability ensures the car can make it back to the pits for repairs should the shift mechanism fail while the car is on course
Brad points to the manual shift mechanism, into which a special handle is inserted for performing manual gear changes
The R8's tool kit (minus cell phone). Many tools you might expect to see, plus the green-handled device (for manual shifting at the gearbox). The white and red block is designed to be inserted in the throttle "blipper" on top of the engine, to allow the engine to run at fast idle so the car can return to the pits for repairs should the throttle mechanism fail while the car is on course
All three drivers take turns removing both front and rear bodywork by themselves. Here JJ Lehto manipulates the rear bodywork, which takes two fingers to unlatch
Emanuele Pirro
JJ Lehto
Stefan Johansson
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