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  Archive of Audi R8 Race Reports/News/Photos 2003  

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Champion Racing  - 2003 Le Mans Preliminary Test Day Track Sessions


4 May - Track Testing Sessions

The Le Mans Test Day is broken into two four-hour sessions, the first running from 9am till 1pm, followed by a one-hour break. The second session runs from 2pm until 6pm. There was no nighttime running during these tests.

Emanuele Pirro first out in the first session.
Here he negotiates the first Mulsanne chicane.
Stefan Johansson
JJ Lehto
JJ Lehto
JJ Lehto waits while the mechanics make changes to suspension settings.
JJ Lehto ready to return to the track
Emanuele Pirro, Brad Kettler and Mike Peters confer on setup
JJ Lehto entering his office to begin the second session
Emanuele Pirro and Stefan Johansson follow the Spanish Grand Prix on the big screen while Lehto does a long run
Our friend Derek Bell pays a visit, chatting with Audi North America's Rod Bymaster
Brad Kettler marks the spot and Stefan Johansson waits to begin his first stint of the second session
A precautionary rear end change during the second session
Stefan Johansson at the Porsche Curves
Emanuele Pirro
There is no shortage of scenic locations along the Le Mans circuit...
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