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  Archive of Audi R8 Race Reports/News/Photos 2003  

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Champion Racing  - 2003 Le Mans Preliminary Test Day Track Sessions


 May - Early Days at Le Mans - Preparation and Scrutineering

Champion's transporters among the first in the Le Mans paddock on Wednesday, getting unloaded and set up for the busy days ahead.
The garage setup
Greg "Wires" Laird intent at his work, installing the R8's radio system
On Friday the team take 505 through technical inspection prior to the track testing on Sunday. Here the ADT/Champion R8 is waiting its turn at scrutineering, giving a hoard of photographers the opportunity to take all the pictures they want.
Here the car is in the last stage of the technical inspection, which examines every detail of the car and its documentation.
505 waits patiently while the final inspection paperwork is completed.
Technical inspection successfully completed, Keith, Sigi, Bobby, Brad, Olivier
JJ Lehto and Emanuele Pirro in deep discussion of testing setup with Champion Technical Director, Brad Kettler.
Champion's team physician, Dr. Vincenzo Tota, spend his "spare time" in competition of his own, in endurance offshore powerboat racing. He's seen here on the throttles (front row, closest to camera) in a 40' Superclassic with twin 440 diesel Yanmar engines off Naples, Italy, summer 2001.
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