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  Archive of Audi R8 Race Reports/News/Photos 2005  

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  Mike Peters experiences 6 g's in the Klein Tools Extra 300L Aerobatics Aircraft  


Team Director of Racing Operations, Mike Peters, was invited to experience precision flying and aerobatics in the Klein Tools Extra 300L aerobatics aircraft with pilot Michael Mancuso.

Michael Mancuso has been an aerobatics pilot for a number of years and for three seasons, part of the Canadian Northern Lights Aerobatic Team.


Extra 300L Specs
The Klein Tools Extra 300L is a 2 place low-wing composite aircraft
hand built in Germany and certified here in the United States.

FAA Certified Load Factor +/- 10 Gs
Wingspan 25.3 Ft.
Length 22.8 Ft.
Height 8.6 Ft.
Wing Area 115.2 Sq. Ft.
Engine Textron Lycoming
AEIO 540-L1B5
Horsepower 300HP
Propeller MT 3 Blade Constant Speed
T/O Roll (2095 Lbs. @ SL) 315 Ft.
T/O Over 50 Ft. Obstacle 679 Ft.
Rate of Climb (2095 Lbs) 3,200 FPM
Cruise (4000 Ft. @ 75%) 170 Kts.


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