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  Archive of Audi R8 Race Reports/News/Photos 2005  

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Mid Ohio  Practice and Qualifying - 20 May 2006
Dindo Capello navigates the "Keyhole". Allan McNish in practice, at the "Keyhole". Allan McNish Qualifies fourth on the grid at MidOhio Dindo Capello. The Audi R8 rolls out of its trailer under beautiful skies at MidOhio
McNish (L) and Capello with Michelin's "Bibendum", during the
autograph session.
Blue Skies in Capello's helmet Allan McNish prepares to qualify. Dindo Capello (in hat) with Mike Peters (right)
and Dave Maraj (top right)
Allan McNish & Brad Kettler Dindo Capello Allan McNish Dindo Capello  
Dindo Capello   Allan McNish Dindo Capello  
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