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Archive of Audi S4 Race Reports/News/Photos 2003


RS 6 2003  -  2004



  2003 Speed GT World Challenge GT Series  
  San Juan, Puerto Rico  

San Juan GT Race in Photos, Part One



Audi RS 6's on display in the San Juan Paddock
The most welcome sight for any person at the Puerto Rican Grand Prix
On the pre-grid before Sunday's Speed GT season finale race
Ready for the green...
Start 1
Start 2 - Randy Pobst and Michael Galati use their RS 6 quattros to good advantage
Start 3
Start 4
Start 5 - Michael Galati falls into second behind Randy Pobst, while Phil McClure's Corvette is in third
Start 6
Start 7 - Randy Pobst already stretching out as he and Galati lead the field into turn one
Lap two - Pobst and Galati 1-2...positions they would hold till the checkered flag
Galati leads McClure in front of the large San Juan crowd
Every viewing point was in use...race fans watch Pobst work traffic
The Champion Audi RS 6 Competitions are dwarfed by one of several huge cruise ships in port during the Grand Prix
Randy Pobst and Michael Galati in a class by themselves at San Juan
Randy Pobst takes the checkered flag and wins the GT Drivers title...Galati in second...Audi winning the GT Manufacturers title
The jubilant crew, who never gave up despite their most challenging season yet
Thumbs-Up for (and from) the race winner and new champion, Randy Pobst
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