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Archive of Audi S4 Race Reports/News/Photos 2003


RS 6 2003  -  2004



  2003 Speed GT World Challenge GT Series  
  Sears Point  

Speed GT Race - Photos



At the start, both Pobst and Galati get great launches...
...Pobst (starting 5th) is quickly by Fitzgerald (starting 3rd), and rockets onto the rear bumper of pole-sitter Auberlen...
...but when Auberlen moves right to block Pobst, Randy is forced into a defensive move to his own right...
...which results in side-to-side contact between Pobst and Phil McClure's Corvette before Randy can get clear...
...Pobst chases Auberlen up the hill into turn two, with Galati already up to fifth
Michael Galati finds himself boxed in by a trio of BMW's
While the RS 6's got excellent starts, the Sears Point circuit favors the lightest, most nimble cars, and provides no straights where the Audi's can use their superior twin-turbo power. Pobst and Galati both fall well back in the pack...
...and run nose-to-tail for a number of laps, defending series champion Galati riding shotgun for current points leader (going into this race) Randy Pobst
Randy Pobst leads Michael Galati at Sears Point
Pobst suspects he has a puncture on his right-front tire, and during a caution period teammate Galati moves up to take a closer look at the tire and rim
Randy didn't have a flat tire then...but did soon after...not from earlier contact, but simply because his Toyo tires wore out and burst
Galati gets the go-ahead to try his luck after Pobst is forced to pit, Michael making his way up to a fine (considering the circumstances) sixth place, his best finish of a difficult season
Randy Pobst's outstanding rocket-start earns him the Remus SportExhaust Power Move of the Race Award...but Randy was only able to finish 15th on the day
"JAZ"...both Champion Audi's carried the initials of Jerome Zimmerman at Sears Point...Jerome was the long-time crew chief for Real Time Racing, and died tragically when his motorcycle was stuck by a car just a week prior to this race.
Our friend Jerome Zimmerman...Greatly Respected...Greatly Missed...
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