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Archive of Audi RS 6 Race Reports/News/Photos 2004


RS 6 2003  -  2004



  2004 Speed GT World Challenge GT Series  
  Competition Adjustments  

Audi Certified Champion RS 6 Team Issued More Competition Adjustments




POMPANO BEACH, Fl.  (September 10, 2004) – The Audi Certified Champion RS 6 team faces its greatest challenge in the team’s five year history competing in the SCCA SPEED World Challenge GT series.  The SCCA Pro Racing Ltd. organization recently issued additional adjustments to the Audi RS 6 “Competition” cars.  These adjustments were “deemed necessary” by the SCCA officials in response to the Audis finishing one-two in four of the eight races this season. 


The new “negative adjustments” to the Audi RS 6s are as follows:  a 49.4 percent restrictor prior to each turbocharger (the car carried no restrictor previously); a maximum rear weight distribution of 42 percent (previously 42.5 percent); a combined limit of intercooler and brake cooling water capacity of 3.5 gallons (previously not limited); a freeze on the air intake system; a freeze on the cooling system and the removal of the standard intercoolers and air intake listed on the current Vehicle Technical Specifications (VTS), which were used only at Sebring due to parts availability.


“The 49.4% restrictor means the Audi RS 6 will be breathing through a hole about the size of a .50 cent piece which will have a stifling effect to our performance,” said Mike Peters, Team Manager for Champion Racing.  “All we can do now is pray for rain and hope the quattro drive can move us to the front.”


“The Champion Racing Team is paying the ultimate price for the tireless performances that have been put forth in the last few rounds of World Challenge GT racing,” commented Louis Milone, Audi RS 6 Team Leader.  “Our Certified pre-owned RS 6s will now be competing at a level of performance far lower than even street driven units straight off the showroom floor.  With a severe blow to our cornering ability and an even more substantial blow to our power output, our team will have to pull together the remaining strengths of the Audis in an attempt to defend our 2003 Manufacturers Championship title for Audi.  It is because of the team’s consistent efforts, hard work and first-rate skills that we have been able to overcome previous competition adjustment obstacles.  The Champion Racing team is pulled together, poised and ready to show that we are not finished fighting yet.”


“Champion Racing built the Audi RS 6s according to the 2004 rules and regulations stipulated by the SCCA,” said Rod Bymaster, Motorsports Manager for Audi of America.  “The team spent the entire off-season developing the cars according to the SCCA guidelines and has continually developed the cars with each competition adjustment the SCCA has made throughout the year.  It’s because of the efforts of the well-run team that Champion Racing has stayed competitive.  Champion Racing will once again have to dig deep to try and develop the cars to make them competitive for the final two races.” 


The Audi Certified Champion RS 6 team will contest their ninth race of the SPEED World Challenge GT season in two weeks at Road Atlanta as part of the Petit Le Mans weekend September 23-25. 


A summary of the changes: 





Audi RS 6.........................

49.4% turbocharger inlet restrictor, maximum rear weight distribution of 42%, intercooler and brake water cooling capacity limit of 3.5 gallons, freeze on air intake system, freeze on cooling system.

Cadillac CTS-V

+2% rear weight distribution maximum (to 50%)

Chevrolet Corvette

-50lbs (from 3000 to 2950lbs)

Dodge Viper Comp Coupe

-50lbs (from 3200 to 3150lbs)

Porsche 911 GT3

-2% restriction (from 20% to 18%)

Saleen SR

-100lbs (from 3100 to 3000lbs)


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