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Archive of Audi RS 6 Race Reports/News/Photos 2004


RS 6 2003  -  2004



  2004 Speed GT World Challenge GT Series  

Infineon Raceway Speed GT Race Report and Photos




SONOMA, CA (July 18, 2004) - The Certified Champion Audi RS 6 team finished surprisingly well today at Infineon Raceway despite several on track incidents. Randy Pobst captured 7th position after being grid a disappointing 9th while World Challenge GT Series point's leader Michael Galati fell to 13th position after starting from 7th position.

Michael Galati had an impressive start on the grid using the RS 6's all-wheel-drive quattro system to launch his #2 Certified Pre-owned Audi past three cars into 4th position. Like teammates working in unison, Pobst followed right up the middle behind Galati and gained the same number of positions putting his Champion Audi into 6th position.

The pair held their ground for 13 laps until Galati's car was bumped not once, but twice from behind. This contact would ultimately cause some internal damage and the #2 Audi RS 6 slowly fell back as the car no longer had 3rd gear, an extremely important gear on Infineon Raceway's windy 2.53-mile track.

Pobst was also hit from behind by rival Max Angelelli, driver of one of the Cadillac CTS-V cars. Pobst was leading Angelelli as both cars entered the hairpin at Turn 11. After some initial contact, the #16 Cadillac went over the tire barriers and the hood of the car flew up. Pobst moved up to 5th position, his best position of the day.

The additional weight and reduction in boost for both the Audi RS 6's was obvious throughout the 50 minute timed race as both cars struggled to keep up with cars that have not received adjustments. Despite that, the Champion Racing crew (Pompano Beach, FL) prepared two very competitive cars.

Galati leads in the SPEED GT Drivers' Championship with 102 points, followed by Archer (95), Pilgrim (92), Angelelli (84) and Pobst (82).

Audi leads the SPEED GT Manufacturers' Championship Presented by Racer Magazine with 23 points, followed by Cadillac (22), Dodge (14) and Chevrolet (12).

The SCCA SPEED World Challenge GT Championship next visits Portland International Raceway July 23-25 for Round Five, as part of the American Le Mans Grand Prix of Portland.

Michael Galati (Olmstead, OH). "Like always, the Certified Champion RS 6 was incredible off the line. I was up to 4th and it looked pretty good for me. Unfortunately there was a lot of pressure and I got hit from the back and then something happened to the car and we lost 3rd gear. The car started misfiring and then I got hit again. I guess I'm just lucky I finished."

Randy Pobst (Gainesville, GA). "I've never worked so hard for 7th place in my life! I feel really bad for my teammate, Michael Galati. He was driving really well. The SCCA really slowed us down with the weight they put on us and with boost adjustment so the car is just not as fast as it could be. I really enjoy driving here at Infineon and I have to thank my Champion Crew for building a real strong back end on my car."

Louis Milone (RS 6 Team Leader). "Mike and Randy really threaded the needle on the start. It was pretty exciting. It was our lucky day today. We had a limping car at the end for Mike. Randy held on for the Manufacturer's points. Mike held on to his driver points by making it in alive with the car. So we come out of our worst track having a good day."

Results from Infineon Raceway:

1. (2), Wolf Henzler(R), Nuertingen, Germany, Porsche 911 Cup, 25 laps.

2. (1), Phil McClure, Floris, Iowa, Chevrolet Corvette Z06, 25, -.513.

3. (5), Tommy Archer, Duluth, Minn., Dodge Viper Comp Coupe, 25, -3.53.

4. (4), Andy Pilgrim, Delray Beach, Fla., Cadillac CTS-V, 25, -4.181.

5. (3), Leighton Reese, Minnetonka, Minn., Chevrolet Corvette Z06, 25, -6.898.

7. (9), Randy Pobst, Gainesville, Ga., Audi RS 6, 25, -14.544.

13. (7), Michael Galati, Olmsted, Ohio, Audi RS 6, 25, -1:13.846.

Michael Galati leads in the SPEED GT Drivers’ Championship with 102 points, followed by Tommy Archer (95), Andy Pilgrim (92), Max Angelelli (84) and Randy Pobst (82).

Audi leads the SPEED GT Manufacturers’ Championship Presented by Racer Magazine with 23 points, followed by Cadillac (22), Dodge (14) and Chevrolet (12).

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