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Archive of Audi RS 6 Race Reports/News/Photos 2004


RS 6 2003  -  2004



  2004 Speed GT World Challenge GT Series  





BOWMANVILLE, Ontario, Canada. (August 8, 2004) - Warmer temperatures coupled with additional REWARDS weight from yesterday's 1-2 finish at Mosport International Raceway played a part in today's qualifying session for the Certified Audi RS 6 Team. Round Seven of the SPEED World Challenge GT Race, the second race on World Challenge GT's "double-header" race weekend, will feature Randy Pobst 9th on the grid and Michael Galati 10th.

The Certified Audi RS 6s began the year at a base weight of 3,150 pounds. Adjustments of an additional 150 pounds were issued after the team finished 1-2 at Lime Rock Park and again at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. This brought the base weight up to 3,300 pounds.

The SCCA also has a system called "REWARDS" weight which is intended the keep the field of sports cars equal despite varying engine manufacturers, chassis, etc. Pobst has "earned" 245 pounds over the course of the season and his teammate Galati has "earned" 165 pounds. This added to the base weight of the cars means Pobst's No. 1 Audi RS 6 is running at 3,695 pounds and Galati's No. 2 RS 6 at 3,615 pounds.

Round Seven of the SCCA SPEED World Challenge GT "double header" race weekend at Mosport International Raceway, takes the green flag today, Sunday, August 8, at 4:05 p.m. (EDT). The race will be broadcast next Sunday, August 15, on SPEED Channel at 3 p.m. (EDT).

Michael Galati (Olmstead, OH). "I think with the REWARDS weight and the fact that the track is hotter, we are experiencing a lot of understeer in the corners so we are a little bit slow in the corners. Other than that the car is running fine."

Randy Pobst (Gainesville, GA). "I think the REWARDS weight is beginning to take its toll here at Certified Champion Audi. I felt like the car was handling great but we're much further back than yesterday. We're going to rely on the quattro to pick up a few positions at the start and then try to take care of the tires because we are so heavy. The track temperature is definitely up from yesterday."

Louis Milone (RS 6 Team Leader). "Well, we're a little bit disappointed. Everything kind of turned around from yesterday but that's a result of REWARD weight and different track temperatures and conditions but I think it's still going to be an exciting race. Our cars still clearly have the advantage on the start and I've got two of the best drivers in North America. They're going to put the cars where they belong."


1) Ron Fellows/Toronto/ON Cadillac CTS-V 1:22.409 107.420

2) Michael Culver/Westport, CT Porsche 911 Cup 1:22.960 106.706

3) Leighton Reese/Minnetonka/MN Corvette Z06 1:23.125 106.495

4) Andy Pilgrim/Delray Beach/FL Cadillac CTS-V 1:23.286 106.289

5) Lou Gigliotti/Dallas/TX Corvette Z06 1:23.351 106.206

6) Phil McClure/Floris/IA Corvette Z06 1:23.436 106.098

7) Max Angelelli/Monte Carlo/MC Cadillac CTS-V 1:23.669 105.802

8) Mike McCann/Canton/OH Viper CompCoupe 1:23.890 105.524

9) Randy Pobst/Gainesville/GA Audi RS 6 1:24:177 105.164

10) Michael Galati/Olmsted/OH Audi RS 6 1:24.185 105.154

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