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Archive of Audi RS 6 Race Reports/News/Photos 2004


RS 6 2003  -  2004



  2004 Speed GT World Challenge GT Series  

Race 2 Report - Tough Day for Audi Certified Pre-owned RS 6 Team




BOWMANVILLE, Ontario, Canada. (August 8, 2004) - What a difference a day can make. After successfully winning 1-2 in yesterday's SPEED World Challenge GT race at Mosport International Raceway, drastic changes occurred and the Certified Audi Champion RS 6 team from Pompano Beach, Florida, had to settle with 7th and 21st positions today.

Another 75 pounds of REWARDS weight was added to each of the Audi RS 6 "Competition" cars. Both Randy Pobst and Michael Galati struggled during qualifying but still managed to come up with 8th and 9th on the grid respectively.

Both Audi's had a phenomenal start as they typically do thanks to the all-wheel-drive traction control system inherent in the Audis. Pobst went far wide with two wheels on the pavement and two wheels on the grass. He quickly found himself in 3rd position. But his anxiety would get the better of him as he went too wide going into Turn 2, slid off into the grass, and careened into the tire wall. Pobst's day was done.

Galati followed Pobst on the start and gained a few positions even though he had contact with another car going into Turn 1. With the additional weight, Galati drove a "hard-charging" race but couldn't compete with the lighter weight and faster cars. He drove consistently and managed to bring home a well-earned 7th position.

Today's race can be viewed on SPEED Channel next Sunday, August 15th at 3:00 pm (EDT). The SPEED World Challenge GT Series visits Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin two weeks from today, August 20-22.

Michael Galati (Olmstead, OH). "I had a great start even though I got tagged again. I pushed very hard today and really. I don't know where all those other guys found their speed. I drove as hard as I could for 7th position."

Randy Pobst (Gainesville, GA). "I had the Audi quattro start and that went very well. And then going into Turn 2, I just simply didn't get the car slowed down enough. It went off on the outside but since Turn 2 is downhill all the way out to the wall, the car wouldn't slow down and it just kept riding and riding until it hit the wall. It was a very long experience for me. Unfortunately it was too far gone to fix."

Louis Milone (RS 6 Team Leader). "We had an unfortunate start with Randy's incident. That was unexpected but things happen like that in racing. Michael had a stellar performance. He did everything he could do with the 75 pounds of REWARDS weight from yesterday and with the temperatures being drastically different from yesterday. To go from a 1st and 2nd place performance yesterday to struggling to stay in 7th seems kind of strange. Obviously a lot of other teams found speed that we didn't find."


1) Ron Fellows/Toronto/ON Cadillac CTS-V 30 1:24.898

2) Leighton Reese/Minnetonka/MN Corvette Z06 30 +3.454

3) Lou Gigliotti/Dallas/TX Corvette Z06 30 +6.084

4) Andy Pilgrim/Delray Beach/FL Cadillac CTS-V 30 +6.405

5) Max Angelelli/Monte Carlo/MC Cadillac CTS-V 30 +7.370

7) Michael Galati/Olmsted/OH Audi RS 6 30 +11.675

21) Randy Pobst/Gainesville/GA Audi RS 6 30 -----

Margin of Victory: 03.454 Seconds

Fastest Race Lap: Car #12 Ron Fellows 01:24.898 MPH Overall Race: 48:52.193 73.77 Miles 90.571 MPH

SPEED GT Point Standings

1) Tommy Archer Viper CompCoupe 174

2) Michael Galati Audi RS 6 172

3) Andy Pilgrim Cadillac CTS-V 160

4) Randy Pobst Audi RS 6 138

5) Max Angelelli Cadillac CTS-V 131

SPEED GT Manufacturer's Championship

1) Audi 39

2) Cadillac 37

3) Dodge 29

4) Chevrolet 25

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