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  Archive of Audi S4 Race Reports/News/Photos 2001  
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Audi S4  2001  -  2002 



  2001 Speedvision GT World Challenge GT Series  

The Champion Racing Audi S4 Speedvision World Challenge GT team had a tough few days between Mosport and Lime Rock. For starters, both of our Audi S4 Competitions were damaged at Mosport; Derek Bell's car severely in a big crash on lap 3, and (fortunately) Michael Galati's less-so in a chain-reaction crash on a race restart. As it turns out, Galati was lucky to finish Mosport on the podium (3rd), as post-race teardown revealed that his radiator had been cracked in the restart accident, and had been leaking coolant throughout the race. This damage was all easily taken care of however, and the S4 crew stayed over at Mosport the Monday after the race to effect repairs. Bell's car was more severely damaged, and though it could have been repaired on the road, we felt it better and safer to send that car home for more full repairs.

Fortunately one of our spare Audi S4's was quickly available, and that was prepared enroute for Bell's use at Lime Rock. Derek's regular race car will have a trip to the frame repair machine, and will be good as new for the Lime Rock follow-on event at Detroit. Once all of our repair and preparation work had been accomplished, we hit the road for the trip down to Lime Rock in Connecticut, and along the way the crew took a little time to visit Niagara Falls and vicinity. Once at Lime Rock, we discovered more overcast, cool and rainy weather, much as we had experienced at Mosport, only worse. First order of business was to build as waterproof a paddock setup as possible (and we're glad we did!). Then, it was back to work, getting ready for another demanding round of the Speedvision World Challenge GT Championship...

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Two weeks like this... Chris "ShowTime" Avery at LRP Posing at Niagara Falls
Sleep? What's that...?
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