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  Archive of Audi S4 Race Reports/News/Photos 2002  
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Audi S4  2001  -  2002 



  2002 Speed GT World Challenge GT Series  

22 July, Washington, D.C. -- "I can't stop the car, it just wants to go all over the place," exclaimed SPEED GT champion Michael Galati after an early practice on the Washington, D.C. temporary circuit. Galati was describing what would become the problem of the weekend for the Champion Audi S4's - brakes. And it didn't get any better with more practice.

After Galati took convincing wins at Mid-Ohio and Road America, SCCA Pro Racing slapped an additional 50lbs of lead on both Champion S4's, in addition to the 80lbs of R.E.W.A.R.D.S. weight Galati's car had earned for those two wins. With the S4's minimum weight now up to 3175lbs from 3125, and the REWARDS ballast on top of that, Galati's S4 seemed to be crying "enough" on the tight D.C. circuit.

The first evidence came in SPEED GT Qualifying, held on Saturday morning. Both Galati and Bell struggled with handling and brakes during the brief session, in addition to their Audi's turbocharged V6's being down on power due to the extreme D.C. heat. When the session was over, Galati had qualified fifth and Bell eighth for the late Saturday afternoon race


Wash. D.C. SPEED GT Qualifying Results:

1. (22), Randy Pobst, Gainesville, Ga., Porsche 911 Cup, 1:17.970, 76.691mph

2. (81), Johannes van Overbeek, Danville, Calif., Porsche 911 Cup, 1:19.161,

3. (25), Jeff McMillin, Erie, Pa., BMW M3, 1:19.374, 75.334

4. (73), Phil McClure, Floris, Iowa, Corvette ZO6, 1:19.604, 75.116

5. (1), Michael Galati, N. Olmstead, Ohio, Audi S4 Comp., 1:19.630, 75.092

6. (23), Bob Miller, Ellicott City, Md., Porsche 911 Cup, 1:19.775, 74.955

7. (42), Peter Cunningham, W. Bend, Wis., Acura NSX SC, 1:19.810, 74.922

8. (2), Derek Bell, Pagham, England, Audi S4 Comp., 1:20.788, 74.015.

In the race, held late Saturday afternoon in extremely hot and humid conditions, Randy Pobst, of Gainesville, Ga., led flag-to-flag, vaulting Porsche back into the Manufacturers' Championship lead. Johannes van Overbeek, of Danville, Calif., finished second for the fourth-straight race, followed by Jeff McMillin, of Erie, Pa. Driving his No. 22 1st Interstate Inn/3R Racing Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, Pobst jumped to the lead at the standing start and never looked back, holding van Overbeek off for a 0.761-second win, averaging 74.136 mph in the 30-lap, 49.83-mile contest.

Point leader Michael Galati had a difficult day, finishing sixth after spinning back to ninth from fourth. His fight back to sixth maintained his point lead over Cunningham, but it shrunk to 17 (168-151). McMillin closed to within two of Cunningham, with 149. Van Overbeek is fourth, with 146. The win by Porsche vaulted it to the top of the Manufacturers' Championship, with 38 to Audi's 31. Acura is third, with 25.

Wash. D.C. SPEED GT Race Results:

1 - Randy Pobst, Gainesville, Ga., Porsche 911 Cup, 30laps

2 - Johannes van Overbeek, Danville, Calif., Porsche 911 Cup, 30, -.761sec.

3 - Jeff McMillin, Erie, Pa., BMW M3, 30, -2.528

4 - Peter Cunningham, W. Bend, Wis., Acura NSX SC, 30, -14.262

5 - John Young(R), Woodside, Calif., Saleen SR, 30, -46.637

6 - Michael Galati, N. Olmstead, Ohio, Audi S4 Comp., 30, -1:01.6720

7 - Derek Bell, Pagham, England, Audi S4 Comp., 30, -1:02.4710

The Washington, D.C. SPEED GT race will be televised on SPEED Channel on Sun., Aug. 4 5:00 p.m., with repeated on Sat., Aug. 10 8:00 p.m., Sun., Aug. 11 1:00 a.m., Sat., Aug. 17 10:00 p.m. and Sun., Aug. 18 2:00 a.m.

The next stop for the Champion Audi S4's is Le Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres in Quebec, Canada on 2-4 August.

The S4's have been so fast lately, D.C. Police gave us a speeding ticket just for unloading the cars! If the extra 50lbs of lead won't do the trick, the Cops suggest handcuffing the cars to a semi... World Challenge doesn't hand out stickers for their various awards, so Dave Schnorr created some. These on Derek Bell's Hair Raising S4... GT Qualifying - C'mon Michael...you can get closer than THAT...
Galati managed just fifth-fastest in Qualifying Derek Bell qualified eighth on the D.C. temporary circuit, built in the shadow of RFK Stadium Staying cool was critical in the D.C. heat. Derek has dibs on the ice cooler...
The Champion Audi flag girls, ready for the pre-start parade The SPEED GT Start at Washington, D.C. D.B. had a fine run in D.C., though both S4's struggled with handling and brakes
Galati's brake problems caused a spin, and moments like this... Despite some battle damage, Bell held sixth for many laps, before being passed by Galati near race's end Cold water and bags of ice on hand to cool them off, Derek and Michael recount stories of a most difficult race, as Audi's Len Hunt and Rod Bymaster look on
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