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  Archive of Audi S4 Race Reports/News/Photos 2002  
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Audi S4  2001  -  2002 



  2002 Speed GT World Challenge GT Series  

The Champion Audi S4 team had a very busy summer, with a series of races spaced too closely for the team to return home to Florida between events.
As a result, the team spent the better part of two months away from home, heading from one event to the next, and taking a little time in between to relax and have some fun.
The R8 crew spent the time between Elkhart Lake and Washington, D.C. at Crew Chief Brad Kettler's shop in College Corner, Indiana, where the S4 team also did their pre-Washington maintenance. Testing at VIR between D.C. and Trois-Rivieres gave the R8 team time to do their rebuild, and provided the S4 team with an early look at the season-finale venue.
Below are some of the photos we didn't have time to share previously...Enjoy
(All photos by Louis Milone and the S4 crew)

Mary-Lisa made her annual journey to watch us race at Lime Rock Yvonne disregards the old warning, 'never eat anything bigger than your head'... Both S4 and R8 crews enjoying some well-deserved R&R in Elkhart Lake
As we've seen, tasty sea creatures don't stand a chance around these guys... Tom Kristensen, who knows a thing or two about touring cars, poses with visitors to the S4 paddock Joel Nelson poses with his fantasy ride...
During a mid-season rebuild at Brad Kettler's shop, the S4 mechanics replaced an Audi V6 damaged at Elkhart Lake City-boy James coming to grips with downtown College Corner, Indiana Home away from home at Kettler Motorwerkes for S4 and R8 teams
James, Tim, Allen, Jacky and Kevin at Gearhead Paradise in D.C. James, Allen, Tim and Louis at the White House
Chris trying to unload the truck, but Ron is busy demonstrating that he's had his spinach Checking the data during a break from testing at VIR Randy Pobst with Derek Bell and Kevin Wheeler on the pre-grid at Trois-Rivieres
Street races make for lengthy "to-do" lists... A crucial step in setting up camp is the all-important "comfort check"... Champion Motorsport Wheels always attract a crowd...
That's all folks! Time to head to the next race...
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