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December 18, 2000 Daytona

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Since September of 2000, Champion Racing has done a total of nine days of testing in preparation for Daytona 24 Hour of 2001 with the Lola B2K chassis powered by Porsche's GT1 engine. At the inception of the Lola/Porsche project, Champion Racing anticipated both growing pains and engineering issues. After debuting the car at the Sebring event in 2000, Champion chose to run a limited schedule in the AMLS and focus on testing in order to be well prepared for the Daytona event. The nine test days at Daytona yielded an extensive amount of progress for the Lola, running close to 2000 miles of test laps. The testing was completed using both the same engine and transmission. Champion also used the test days to acclimate to the Goodyear tires that will be used during the Daytona event. The Grand-Am series has leveled the playing field for the Lola by permitting it to run with a set-up that will allow the bi-turbo Porsche enging to be competitive.

The driver line-up for the testing at Daytona, as well as for the event, literally has a lifetime of racing and endurance experience to draw upon: Hurley Haywood, Dorsey Schroeder and Bob Wollek. They will be joined during the event by Sassha Maassen who drove the Konrad Lola during the 2000 Daytona 24 hour. The drivers have worked closely with the team on engineering issues since the genesis of the project and have contributed greatly to the progress of the car. Hurley Haywood, Porsche racing veteran, turned consistent and controlled laps throughout the testing. Bob Wollek, who has driven the Champion Lola/Porsche since its creation in 1999, is very pleased and encouraged by the progress that has been made in the last year.

While Champion has not been out front in the last year, they have been working very hard. The Lola was viewed by Dave Maraj, owner of Champion, as a project to be fine tuned in order to run the Daytona 24 Hour. The preparations have been intense and productive. Champion views the Daytona event as the perfect milieu for the Lola: the chassis has proven its dependability for endurance and the Champion team has extensive experience and success running Porsche's in long events. Champion's goal is to put a car on the grid that will turn strong consistent laps that will be there in the end.

For the die hard fans among you, tune into Speedvision for complete coverage of the event. There will be a half hour before and a half hour recap at the end.

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