MID-OHIO FRIDAY PRACTICE SESSION QUOTES - Saturday, May 21, 2005 at 11:27

EMANUELE PIRRO:  ďIt was nice to be back here after 3 years.  The track was a little damp and cold so since the car is so big and the tires are so wide, it is hard to get them up to temperature.  It took a long time to get a decent temperature and even then it still was not optimum temperature.  We worked a little on set-up but will wait for the warmer temperatures tomorrow before we determine our final set-up.Ē


FRANK BIELA:  ďItís nice to be back at Mid-Ohio.  Itís a very interesting circuit.  After the heavy rain, the circuit was very green, very difficult grip wise so it made it very difficult to find a good set-up.  We have to find a solution for tomorrow.


JJ LEHTO:  ďToday wasnít easy.  We knew from last year this track is very difficult for this car.  We found a good set-up last year and we were able to improve it this year.  The car is pretty good.  The difference today was the damp conditions and to find the right tires from the start and to get them to work.  That was the difficult thing.  Today was just one of those days where we did a lot but didnít learn a lot. 


MARCO WERNER:  ď We hope for warmer weather tomorrow so our tires will work a little better.  So we did a little bit today with the set-up but we know tomorrow will be different so we will wait until then.  We are happy with the 2nd position today.  Tomorrow, if itís still on the same level, then itís okay.  We will be happy.Ē