LAKEVILLE, CT. (July 2, 2005) - Marco Werner, driver of the No. 1 Team ADT Champion Racing Audi R8, set a new American Le Mans Series qualifying lap record during today's twenty minute qualifying session at Lime Rock Park. Werner's time of 46.753 was a full second faster than last year's qualifying time of 47.962 set by James Weaver from Dyson Racing. "Today was a truly remarkable qualifying session," commented Brad Kettler, Technical Director, Team ADT Champion Racing. "Marco did an incredible job. The theoretical lap we did off the data didn't even show that he could go that fast. He put together something that was truly amazing."

The No. 2 Audi R8 qualified by Frank Biela will start in the second row in fourth position. Biela's time of 47.077 is a mere three tenths of a second behind the sister R8. Quite an amazing feat considering this is Biela's first time driving the 1.54 mile circuit. Traffic will most likely be the biggest factor in winning the New England Grand Prix. 23 cars in four different classes will all be on the track at the same time and lap times vary from 46.753 to 55.161. "To pass here you have to gamble and sometimes you have to wait," says Marco Werner. "It's what makes racing at Lime Rock so great."

The New England Grand Prix, Round 4 of the American Le Mans Series, is set for 3:00 p.m. July 4 at Lime Rock Park. SPEED Channel will provide live coverage, along with American Le Mans Series Radio at



JJ Lehto (Fin). Age: 39. Born: Espoo, Finland. Lives: Monte Carlo, Monaco:

"Today's qualifying session was surprising to us. Especially because it's the home track of Dyson Racing and they have done much testing here. The times this year are so much faster than last year. Marco just did a great job. We have been working on the car set-up a lot this week and we are trying something very different and very unique that we haven't tried before. It seems to be working! We are both very happy."

Marco Werner (D). Age: 38. Born: Dortmund, Germany. Lives: Ermatingen,


"I have to give big thanks to the team. I damaged the car in practice and we only had a short time to fix it before qualifying. There was debris on the track in turn one so I tried the very inside line where no one goes and there was no grip. I hit the curb and I kept turning hard but the car wouldn't turn. It just went straight. So this pole is a present to the team. I can't believe my lap time. They said no one could beat the Dyson Team because they were running low 47s so to do a 46 is incredible. We'll have to see how it goes at the start. I have to stay ahead of the Dyson cars and be on the right side of the track going into turn one because it will be very hard to pass them on the track during the race."


Frank Biela (D). Age: 40. Born: Neuss, Germany. Lives: Monte Carlo, Monaco:

"I am a little disappointed with my time today. I did the time in my second outing so the tires were already 3-4 laps old. We changed from left to right and that's when I got the better time. It will be a long and difficult race on this circuit. Overtaking is very difficult but maybe due to traffic we will be able to make our way through to the front."

Emanuele Pirro (It). Age: 43. Born: Rome, Italy. Lives: Monte Carlo, Monaco:

"This is a new circuit for both Frank and me so I feel we are a little behind schedule, especially here where the circuit is very hard to drive. On a positive note, we have a good set-up and I am really pleased with what Frank achieved. The position is not ideal but the lap times are very close."



1) J.Lehto/M.Werner LMP1 ADT Champion Racing


2) J.Weaver/B.Leitzinger LMP1 Dyson Racing

46.967 0.214

3) C.Dyson/A.Wallace LMP1 Dyson Racing

47.064 0.311

4) E.Pirro/F.Biela/ LMP1 ADT Champion Racing

47.077 0.324

5) J.Macaluso/C.McMurry/ LMP2 Miracle Motorsports

49.503* 2.750


*New qualifying lap record.

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